Los Angeles, CA, USA



My Journey

Sam Anne Hemingway is an Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, certified with the IPHM and BHMA, British Herbal Medicine Association. Awarded "Alchemist of the year in 2018 and 2019" by Lux Magazine. An advanced energy healer, working with the Angelic and Galactic realms channelling, Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, the Egyptian Sun God Amon-Ra, Divine Feminine Sophia, Saint Germain and his Twin Flame Lady Portia. 

Sam Anne has been working with spiritual intelligence, as a professional intuitive consultant for over a decade, qualified in Alchemy medicine, a Reiki Light Master. Sam Anne's work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks, pain and trauma on a multidimensional level, known as Queen Diode in the Galactic realms, an Electro-Magnetic Alchemist from Star planets, Sirius B, Acturus and Lyra, facilitating Galactic DNA Activations with her principle guides to transform your Mind, Body, Spirit and DNA, working on a subatomic, cellular scientific and spiritual level. 



Activate, empower & awaken

DNA Activation and spiritual intuitive consultancy enlightens the self  and supports your own ascension. Through a variety of alternative treatments, approaches and spiritual medicines, DNA Activation unlocks the highest potential of self-healing and creation, resulting in improvements from the very first session.  Contact me for more information.


 I found my galactic DNA attunement very relaxing and like a boost of energy.  Lovely healing, thank you. Samantha picked up some really useful information for me and my energy was lifted right up, thanks so much

Benna, Liverpool xx

“Sam Anne was spot-on, didn't waste any time and told me where to go and look for a lost object/document straight away, and I found it. Leyla from Midlands.

Sam Anne was 100% accurate in every way, she connected with me so well and could pick up when and where my house move was. Sam Anne could also tell me about my job, a very warm and friendly reader. Mrs S, Ohio